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Sheriff Ed Bieluch,  R.I.P.   9-25-2010

CrimeWatch USA, Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides an easy-to-use, secure yet incredibly powerful tool for Law Enforcement, Emergency Management and Community Program Leaders. Assure neighborhood protection and community involvement through quick communications, wide-spread dissemination of information, community interaction – all for FREE. Plus an efficient technical support team whenever there’s a need.

Law Enforcement can communicate quickly - posting Alerts and Messages, Notifications, and Events with ease. You can choose groups or individuals to notify, posting on the Web, sending email, even text messages to cell phones and pagers!

Here’s how CrimeWatch USA protects your Community

  • Organizes up to six different Community Programs, each with separate membership and local administrator controlled management levels (e.g. Crime Watch, C.O.P., C.E.R.T)

  • Easily modify Community Program descriptions, graphics, pages

  • Promote Special Events, follow up with event stories & photos

  • Display Community Notifications and Public Service Announcements

  • Choice of posting ALERTS & MESSAGES on Web Pages, sending email and text messaging to cell phones/pagers

  • Members sign up on Web and Program leader is notified automatically

  • All Member areas are SECURE with User ID/password protection and 128 bit encryption.  All information is kept confidential.  See our Privacy Policy.

  • Turnkey for immediate use

  • Technical support included

  • Web site hosted and supported by CrimeWatch USA, Inc. at no cost to Law Enforcement, Communities or Residents

  • Brings community traffic to your site which will increase Program awareness and participation

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